On Christianity and Wicca

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I get questions every day about the differences between Christianity and Wicca. In
efforts to answer some of them and let you know some of our thoughts, I created this

It is actually not pleasant to consider the differences between religions. Those
considerations bring about the thoughts of the innumerable conflicts that also exist
between the religions as a result. Let us first address the conflict issue.

There have been religious wars from the time that religion began! There is no greater
dream than the dream of see the wars between religions end. How many bitter historical
memories does the word, “religions” evoke! Religions have caused some of the most
cruel and savage events in history, leaving on the face of humanity the most hideous
scars, to the shame of our race. Alas, that is not only past history, ancient or medieval;
almost all the situations of serious tension on our earth in the present day still have
religious coloring.

It is very easy to recognize that those tragic events both today and in the past, have
usually had, and still have, motives which are less religious than practical, ethnic,
economic, ideological, or of other origin. Nevertheless, strictly religious factors have
indeed been operative in some of those painful conflicts. It is more than time to put an
end to all that trouble! We have an acute and common awareness of the urgency of this

This page will focus on two very large words, “Christianity” and “Wicca.” In so doing,
we wish not to make one better or more valid than the other. We are Wiccan, yes. We
know many Christians. Many of those Christians we know are also some of our closest
friends and some are even family members! The reason that it is said that these words
are so large is because they both encompass a very large group of traditions. Christianity
has many different denominations, doctrines and viewpoints. Wicca has many different
traditions, doctrines and viewpoints.

There is just one of the many things they have in common. Oh! Did that shock you?!
Many people are very amazed to find that there are more similarities between
Christianity and Wiccan than there are differences! We will explore those similarities in

One similarity that the two religions have is persecution. In the early days of the
Christian religion, there was a perceived threat in the Roman government by this religion.
In efforts to minimize the threat a law was created to illegalize all “new” religions. This
made Christianity illegal. The pagan religions in Rome at that time were spared, as they
were not considered new. The Jewish religion was spared, as it was also not considered

Christians were tortured and killed by the hundreds. There were atrocities of
unbelievable description done to them. The brutal treatment was a sport for the ones
against them. People died rather than abandon their beliefs.

In history there is also a dark time for the Wiccans often known as the “burning times.”
In that time, the Christians came to the nations in Europe in order to evangelize them to
Christianity. The people they found there already had well established religions that
were the foundations to the Wiccan religion we have today. The terrible happenings of
the burning times are very well documented in many places. This is not the place to go
into the specifics of what was done. History does present a noteworthy resemblance to
what happened to the Christians at the hands of the Romans in the beginnings of that
religion. The people that would not submit to Christianity and denounce their religion
were tortured and killed.

So, you see, there were atrocities that happened to both paths.....

Many people see Christianity and Wicca being about as opposite as day and night. Let us
now take a closer look. What you may find here might surprise you. As you look through this table, please understand that there are many different traditions and denominations in both Wicca and Christianity. This table takes what most people basically believe.

Subject Christianity Wicca
Deity One Divine Source, called "God," viewed in three different aspects: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. One Divine Source, viewed in the Masculine, called "God," and in the feminine, called "Goddess." God seen in the three aspects of Hunter, Father, and Sage, and the Goddess seen in three aspects of Maiden, Mother, and Crone.
The Soul Seen as eternal Seen as eternal
The Afterlife Heaven or Hell for eternity Life seen as a series of lessons learned through experiences. The Soul takes as many lifetimes as it takes to learn all that it can through the human experience. Upon learning all that it can, the Soul proceeds to the next plane of existence. There is no concept of Hell in Wicca
Evil Incarnate Satan, the Devil Wiccans do not believe in the Devil or Satan.
Scripture The Bible Wiccans have no set book of scripture. The Book of Shadows is what Wiccans make on their own. It is a compilation of all the lessons and experiences while on the Wiccan path. It is most often used as a reference book.
Communication with Deity Prayer and Meditation Meditation, Ritual, and Divination are the three most common ways.
Salvation Acceptance of Jesus Christ to be God in the flesh, and that he died on the cross to pay the debt for all sin. Followed by admission of sin and acceptance of Jesus Christ into one's heart, thereby beginning a life of service to God. As Wiccans do not believe in Hell, the most common thought here is, "saved from what?" Progression to the next plane is outlined in the Above section on the Afterlife.
Basic Law The Ten Commandments The Wiccan Rede: An it harm none, do what thou wilt. 
The Golden Rule Christ taught several versions of this law. He was quoted as saying, "In as much as you have done to the least of these, you have done so to me." He also said, "What-soever you give, it shall come back to you, shaken down and running over." The Three Fold law is another way of saying the same thing. What one does is revisited back to them several times more than first done. This is also known as the law of Karma. Many, many religions teach this law in one form or another.
Love Jesus said, "Love one another." Many Wiccan teachers have said this and continue to say it. 
Honor Life Jesus said, "How important to God are the lilies of the fields, how much more important to Him are each of you!" Wiccans honor and respect the life in all living things; human, animal, and plant, all of life is sacred.
Healing Christians believe in natural healing and in medical science. Many believe in the "laying on of hands" to channel the power of God to heal. Wiccans believe in natural healing and in medical science. Wiccans also channel the Divine power to heal.
Divine Power Christians communicate their needs and wants to God through prayer with the belief that God will always answer them. Wiccans channel the Divine energy that is in all to a desired end result, calling on the God and Goddess to support them and provide the power through them.
Daily Life Christians have jobs, families, houses, cars, and problems. They pay taxes, they have bills. They have pets. They go camping and enjoy many forms of recreation. Wiccans have jobs, families, houses, cars, and problems. They pay taxes, they have bills. They have pets. They go camping and enjoy many forms of recreation.
Church Christians have designated buildings where they meet. They also have get-togethers and meetings in people's houses Wiccans do not usually have a public building designated as a Wiccan Church. They usually meet in someone's home or out in nature.
Sex and Relationships Christians see sex as sacred. Sex is to be bound within marriage and commitment. Though, a very small percentage (we hope) have been known to ignore this. Wiccans see sex as sacred. Wiccans have very high morals that govern sex. Most often, sex is bound within marriage and commitment. Extremely few Wiccans see "open" relationships as okay with them. They do not judge ones who choose to do the open relationship as wrong, however. And, a very small percentage (we hope) have been known to go outside their marriages.
Judgementalism Christians are taught "judge not that ye not be judged" but are judgmental anyway. Wiccans are taught "judge not that ye not be judged" but are judgmental anyway.
Right or Wrong? Christians usually see that anyone who isn't one is doomed for Hell. Christians often believe that there is only one right and true way to spirituality and enlightenment and Heaven. Everything written in the cell just to the left of this one is the only specific problem that most Wiccans have with Christians. Wiccans see many paths to spirituality, enlightenment, and the Summer Land.

There are differences, and similarities. Just like people.

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I leave you with a parable.. hey, Jesus often used them to teach with, so bear with me!

There was once a family in a small boat. The father, the mother and a small child were
there. They were peacefully floating between two islands. The islands were part of
Hawaii. The island on the starboard side was Maui. The island on the port side was a
small island that most never knew the name of. Mom and Dad sought to teach the child a
lesson about life, so Dad dove to the bottom of the ocean (It’s not a true story.. its a
parable that teaches a point so don’t go off saying "no one can dive that deeply!") He
pulled the plug at the bottom of the ocean and the water began to drain out.

He rejoined his family in the boat. They said to the child, "Look at Maui, what do you
see?" The bright child looked to the starboard side and said, "I see beautiful things! I see
big pretty buildings, pretty people, pretty trees, pretty flowers and pretty beaches. 
Everyone there is having a great time! There are water falls and jungles and all kinds of
life and energy."

The parents then said, "Look to the port side, what do you see?" The child said, "I see
great ugliness, Mommy, Daddy, why is that island so ugly and dead looking?" They told
the small angel, "This is a tiny island that the military has used for many, many years to
test their munitions. They tested their guns and all sorts of bombs there. After years of
testing, there is no more life left on that island. No one really goes there anymore." after,
they said, "so tell us what do you see?"

The child replied, "It’s gray and dead, and generally yucky! There are no people and no
life, no tall beautiful buildings. I like Maui much better!" 

By then, the boat was beginning to fall with the level of the water. The parents said,
"look at both islands and tell us what you see."

The child replied, "I see seaweed and rocks and shells and things."

The parents said, "keep looking and tell us what you see about both islands."

The child continued to look back and forth alternating between the starboard and port
sides. He commented, "Coral over here, and coral over there.... greenish brown plants
over here, and greenish brown plants over there. Clay here, and clay there." The child
saw a pattern forming. He said, "The farther we go down, the more things look the same
on both sides!... It looks exactly the same on both........CLUNK!....... uh sides! Hey! We
just hit bottom!"

Dad asked, "are these really two different pieces of land?"

Mom said, "sweetheart, on the surface, the islands appear to be very different. But as
you can see, that is not really true. At the lowest level beneath the surface of what we
can see, they are connected..... and that makes them the same. They are one down here,
while up there, they appear to be separate. On the surface, the illusion of separateness,
while in truth, the reality of oneness."

Are we talking about islands here?


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