The Moons 
The importance of the Moon is paramount in Wicca. One of the most important considerations in planning spells and rituals is the timing that such things are done in relationship to the phase of the Moon (waxing, full, or waning).

12:24 PM
Wolf Moon This Moon marks the time of year when the wolves were driven by hunger of the Winter. The wolves would come closer to the village now more then any other time of year. The family often sat about the home fires and listened to the haunting calls of the wolves.
February 11th, 1998, 5:23 AM Quickening Moon, Storm Moon (also March) This Moon marks the time when Winter is officially banished. Spring has been born and with it the birth of all Nature. At this time everything in Nature is pure potential waiting for fulfillment. This marks the Quickening, the renewal of all things. 
March 12th, 1998, 11:35 PM Worm Moon, Sap Moon, Chaste Moon This Moon marks the celebration of Spring. It is the observance of the return of the Goddess in her Maiden form. At this time we prepare for planting. We bless the seeds for the crops that will produce this year’s harvests. Ritual fires are burned to encourage the Sun to warm the soils from the cold of the Winter and stir all the living things (the worms) beneath it. 
11th, 1998,
5:24 PM
Seed Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Wind Moon, Pink Moon This Moon marks the observance of the Magick of all gardens and the practitioners that keep them. We acknowledge the connection between gardening and magick deliberately by creating sacred space dedicated to the Craft. We mark the birth of the plants, and the birth of our dreams and goals for this season of growth. 
11th, 1998,
9:30 AM
Hare Moon, Corn Planting Moon, Flower Moon This Moon marks the observance of Fertility. This is the Moon closest to Beltane. This entire month focuses on Fertility, the time when people would make babies that would be born nine months later, after the Harvest and the Hunt and thus having the greatest chance of survival in a world that had almost no medical technology. 
9th, 1998,
11:19 PM
Dyad Moon, Strong Sun Moon, Strawberry Moon This Moon marks the observance of balance. The God and the Goddess meet and become one; the Maiden becomes the Mother. This is the time of year when the day and the night become even, in equal balance. Duality becomes the focus.
9th, 1998,
11:01 AM
Mead Moon, Thunder Moon The Mead Moon is the time of the observance of the making of the mead, the sweet wines, or even honey and herb tea. Fill your cup, sip the sweet drink and wait quietly to become the vessel ready to receive inspiration of the God and Goddess.
7th, 1998, 
9:10 PM
Wort Moon,
Corn Moon
This Moon marks the gathering of the Magickal herbs. "Wort" in Anglo-Saxon means, "herb." We just finished celebrating Lughnasadh, the first harvest. Celebrating all that we have produced and that for which we are thankful is the focus here.
8th, 1998,
6:22 AM
Barley Moon, Harvest Moon This is the Moon that marks the God preparing for his rest in the Summerland. This is the time of the third harvest. Take a look now at the goals you set to accomplish in the year. How did you nurture what you planted? Did you reap what you wanted, or did you get something unexpected?
October, 5th, 1998, 3:12 PM Blood Moon, Hunter's Moon This is the Moon that marks the beginning of winter. This is the time that the people were bringing in the last of the harvests. It is the time for the hunt. The animals that were needed to supply food for the winter were hunted, dressed, and stored. In honor of the spirits of the animals, the Moon became known as the Blood Moon in remembrance of the great gift of life made possible by them.
November 4th, 1998, 12:18 PM Mourning Moon This Moon marks the time year that the veils between the worlds are thinnest. During this time, our past on loved ones can easily walk among us. This is the time when divination is easiest and most effective. We spend these times mourning and honoring our dead.
December 3rd, 1998, 10:20 AM Long Nights Moon, Snow Moon, Oak Moon This is the moon that is closest to Winter Solstice. This Moon observes the time of year when Winter declined and people began to look toward Spring. The great oak tree stretches her branches to the sky, topped with the sacred mistletoe. Her life giving roots, branches in reverse, stretching into the Earth, into the Underworld, symbolizing the balance and duality that is the focus of our sacred path, Wicca.