The Honk page... dedicated to CH. Darkwinds Believe N Miracles, known affectionately as "Windi", or around our house as "Honk!"

For a quick movie on why she's known as "Honk!", right click and save as, but be patient, it's nearly 50Mb download.

You may also need the DivX 5.02 drivers, or the Nimo codec pack.

Remember to read the instructions on the Nimo pack, do NOT install the DirectShow Bicubic resizer, or the G400 driver if you do not have the G400 card.




            Windi and her blue "Honk!" feather.                                                                   Windi from the side, here her "Honk!" feather looks green.



Windi, her eyes rolling after the flashes from the camera.                                             I had fell asleep in the chair, and she decided to come and help me sleep.



                        Close up Windi.                                                                                  Windi sliding down the chair, she looks awake, but still asleep.