Does Magick Work?

I love history! There is a channel from my wonderful friends at the cable place that is called the "History Channel." I really enjoy watching it. I like to know about the roots of things. I enjoy knowing the foundation or the background of what has happened. As we go back in time and look at the different civilizations of humankind, we find that in every generation, in every civilization, there were a few very successful and effective people.

These people have often been described as very "enlightened." "Enlightenment" is an interesting word. It means literally, "having seen the light." It has been said that a very important step to enlightenment is the ability to see things as being perfect. That is a very difficult paradox to understand because people tend to look at things and frequently see imperfections. One can look at material objects and see a crack or a break in them. It has been seen as human nature to be quick to point out the flaws in other human beings. People often see illnesses and think if them as imperfections.

The statement about seeing things as perfect just the way they are is not talking about the product. It is talking about the process. The process of conception with the mind. We conceive the idea with our minds. With emotional energy, with psychic energy, with the process of thought and the focus of those things we bring about a product. It is the PROCESS from the conception to the end product that is the perfection.

Consider the example of the making of a human being. The process of conception of a child is perfect (some love it more than others). The process by which the child begins life and grows within the mother is perfect. The entry into the world is not always easy, but it too is perfect. It is a miracle!

The process of the conception of the product is the beginning of the thought. To think is to create. That is power! Everything is perfect the way that it is because it is a result of thought. We get together and collectively focus our energies toward a common goal and we call that process, "magick." It is truly that, and more and it starts as a thought. One can move to a point where you become aware that all that is, is mind; that all is thought. Everything down to the chair you sit in, the close that you wear, the food we take in, everything around us, and even ourselvesÖ we are thought.

In the times of the ancients, this type of master-hood, or enlightenment was taught on a very personal basis. These things were not available to the masses. There was no Internet, phones, or even a postal system. In the early 1900ís there was a man by the name of Napoleon Hill who worked for a magazine that was owned by a governor down in the southeast of the United States. They were doing a series of articles on success. It was then that Napoleon Hill scheduled and conducted an interview with one of the more successful people in the United States at that time, Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie created such success that his foundation still goes on to this day, The Carnegie Foundation. This article is not here to discuss the pros and cons of Andrew Carnegie, Many people like him, many donít. Many people view a lot of the things he did as wrong. That is not the issue. The issue is that the man was a foreigner, he had a dream, someone said, "if you go to the United States, you can make a fortune." Carnegie bought the dream and he came and created just that.

Over the three hour interview between Hill and Carnegie, a chemistry happened. These two, based on what happened, were obviously very impressed with each other. Leaders understand that time is one of their greatest commodities and wisdom is how well they spend it. Carnegie canceled his commitments for the next three days and spent that time with Napoleon Hill. The end result of that three days was that Hill would spend the next twenty years finding our why some people were able to create what they wanted consistently. He spent twenty years seeking out and interviewing the people who were known for creating incredible success in various forms in their lives. Carnegie wanted the results, so he agreed to pay for the expenses and help set up the interviews, but he would not give Hill a salary. He had to maintain a full time job in addition to the project so he could feed himself and his family. His reward would be that at the end of the twenty years, he would then publish his findings and receive the rewards from that.

At the end of the 20 years, he developed his manuscript and he called it, "Think and Grow Rich." He took it to a publisher; the publisher did not publish it. The next publisher he took it to; same thing.. no publication. The next publisher was not interested. The next publisher, "who would want to read this?! Thatís all idealistic. Itís only a philosophy. You are not in touch with reality. You donít understand whatís really going on. You donít seem to understand luck and circumstance." Hill encountered a great deal of resistance to publish the manuscript. Finally, through practicing the concepts in his own book, through perseverance and dedication, Hill was able to publish the book and it became a best seller. The book has sold millions of copies now.

Through the 20 years, Hill interviewed 500 of the most successful people in the world. He interviewed inventors, great leaders, great thinkers.. basically anyone he could find that had done something that would leave a noticeable impact in the world around them for years to come. Hill made a massive discovery. He discovered that all the people had many differences. They were not all the same age, they were not all the same race, they were not all the same athletic ability, they were not the same gender, they were not all of anything really. There was a common thread that ran through all of these people. Each one had a particular way of thinking. It was different thought process. They all had it even though they called it by different names. From that, Hill coined a phrase, "whatever the mind of a person can conceive and believe, it can achieve." I say, to think is to create.

If you choose to dream the impossible dream and see it as possible. If you choose to create in your mind any situation being the best it can be. Magick for you has begun. I gave here an example of magic in the mundane world. People do not see that as magick, but I see it as that. The God and Goddess gave us all the most powerful of all tools for us to accomplish anything! They gave us our minds! We conceive the desired outcome there. The energy to make it so resides above us, below us, within us, without us. It is the Universe, and it is the soul. Magick goes by many names. Anyone can learn how to use it. Magick can be used for anything, bad, good, productive, non-productive, hurtful, and healing. Many people already use many forms of Magick and donít even know it! They have many ways of meditating on an outcome and planting the seeds to bring it to pass!

A Christianís prayer is a seed. Meditation is a seed. Brain storming is a seed. Masterminding is a seed. Rituals are the things that Witches use to plant and nurture the seeds. That is what a spell is! The spells we work start as a thought about a desired outcome. To bring something to pass in a way that it is not now. It starts with getting extremely clear about the desired outcome. We use meditations, chants, incantations and many different visualizations and tools to nurture the thought. We incorporate the All energy that is everywhere around us and within us. We focus all that we are and all that we can use from the All energy to bring about the desired result. I tell you this, weather what you use is called Magick or not, when we do these things, they work. There is more power in these things than I can conceive of enough to put into words for you.

That is why we say, "and as it is willed, SO MOTE IT BE!"

A great man once said, "every day humankind crucifies themselves between two thieves. The thief on one side is the regret of the past; the thief on the other is the fear of tomorrow." There is a saying that we have all seen. You can go out to just about any nick nack store around and get something with this written on it. "Today is the first day of the rest of your life!" If one lives that way, then the thief that is the regret of the past has no effect, but there is much more.

What if we all lived today as if it were the last day of our lives? What would you do? Would you have time to be angry at your significant other? Would you take the precious time to be pissed at the traffic jam and the guy that just cut you off? Would you have time to think about revenge? If we lived today as if it were our last, then the thief that is the fear of tomorrow has no effect on us.
Perhaps a good saying would be, "Today is the first/last day of our lives."

What do you think?

Be polite.. say "bless you!"