Asheron's Call Outtakes


Elder Family makes new green druid cult, makes Elder kneel.

Firath says, "getting weirder by the minute"

"Verbal says, "Quietly in the House of Elder a strange new group of green druids is secretly forming"

Elder initiated, family kneels to show respect.

(This is after 5 minutes of learning how to *kneel*, radar shows slightly oval circle.. best we could manage)

Elder says, "I love you guys :)"


Elder's Green Druid Cult attacks subway, causing massive lag, and several bystanders to faint.

Dragon's Eye teaches several new Elder Green Druids to say, "Nei!"

Ataxus says, "WTF IS THIS! LOL!"

These statements were made in several of the towns we visited, including Qalabar.

Here are some very nice pictures taken 18-Nov 01, of my new cottage, located in the "Wi Badlands Settlement", near Al-Arqas, 25.5S, 10.4E.

Here is another slightly afterwards.


Here is another, supposedly taken from the back of a giant Gromnitross.  The house directly North of mine belongs to Seito, the one North of his belongs to Ivy Shi, and

the one West of Ivy Shi's house belongs to Tanus.  All three are my grandvassals.